Buying a New PC, Branded or Assembled?

Now, time have change, branded PC prices become very "cheap" or a sort of competitive compared with the assembly PC. With the same budget we can get better stuff in design or quality when purchasing a branded PC.

Logically, if we buy branded PC we can easily got standard power supply although its not a big watts, but enough to supply electricity. Compared to if we buy the assembly, could be even wasteful electricity because of greedy power supply electricity, or even worse if other components burn because the supply of power supply is not standard.

Assembly can be very bad, especially if the buyer is less knowledgeable enough about the hardware go to the store and see a shop that "rotten" which usually purchased a PC that has low quality, even though he had appendage high processor specifications given because the motherboard, PSU and memory given the "bad", ie given a memory with no lifetime warranty or even worse given the bad timing, or main board asus brand given the origin but the chipset is expired...

The performance of the PC or laptop depends on the performance of each component's performance, even though with high processor but if the main board is slow, then the result will remain slow PC. Worse, if they purchased all good but the power supply is bad for the long term there would be damage to hardware.

The example of branded PC are Acer, HP / Compact, Dell, Fujitsu, or NEC.

PC assembly does not mean worse than PC branded, but it's need depth knowledge of hardware before we buy it. Essentially, if you do not understand, just buy a branded, more easily through it.


Download in 4shared by Mobile Phone

www.4shared.com is quite popular a file sharing site, so many people save the file there. Many file sharing sites in the world, like rapidshare, ziddu, etc, but we saw this time was 4shared.
The following tips to download via mobile from 4shared is:

  • Use / add the conversion feature of the google pages:
    www.google.com/gwt/n?u=targeted link
    suppose you want to download Opera Mini 5.0 beta indosat, then you get a link:
    so the link is:
  • When searching the file, write the full file name, for example if you search for slank songs by title slank dance, it is written: slank - slank dance.mp3
  • Click the file referred to> click "download now no virus detected"> click "click here to download this file"> if the files do not appear, click on "change pages to HTML"
Good Luck, happy downloading by mobile phone...


Burning Windows Driver

Many people confused when they want to burn the windows driver. By burning
as other discs, windows drivers will not work in boot menu, it's mean can not
used to install windows for the first time. How to burn windows drivers to be bootable? The easiest way is to create image files / ISO files first.
And how can we make image files / ISO files?

Like nature, the drug was not far away from the poison, got stung by a wasp can be treated with it nest, taxable itching caterpillar can be treated with dust, to create an ISO file can using Nero. Follow this steps:

  • Make sure the type of image that you create has the same type of you select in Nero (CD / DVD) and then go to Data - Make data CD.

  • Select any file, then next.

  • Make sure the Current Recorder is Image Recorder [CD-R/RW] or [DVD-R/RW]. Enter the name of your disc image, then next, then select a name for your iso file.

If you've made iso file, next step is burn iso files to disc, using Nero. Double click iso file that was created earlier, then burn as usual.
Now, the copy of windows drivers is ready to installing from boot menu.
Good Luck.


Change Java Applications Background

The java feature allows us to add applications that may not exist on the original features of the phone innate. Many options that we can add / install on the phone either free or paid. Many applications that have a background of a picture or word in the image format (.png). For those bored with the look of the original background, we can replace the background with our own photographs or other images according to taste. Follow this step:

  • Download the java application to your computer
  • Open the file (.jar) using winrar
  • Search for an image file (.png), note the name and size (resolution)
  • Prepare a file that will be used to change background. File type must be equal to the original image file, if not please change it first, could use photoshop or other editing software you have
  • Replace the file named according to the original file congenital application, notice the small capitalization must be exact
  • Replace the background with a file that has been prepared by "drag & drop"
  • Close the winrar
  • Send the file (.jar) to mobile
  • Install

Now you have an application with another background than the others.
Good luck.


Upgrade Sony Ericsson G502 Firmware

When I got this phone (Sony Ericsson G502), which brings the software version that is R1FA031, and it turns out this version has grown to become R1FA037, when I trying to upgrade the software via the internet with the "service update" from the phone menu, it would result latest version is always R1FA031, actually this software upgrade is only possible with a2uploader and some additional software, not through the service "service update" from Sony Ericsson phone via the Internet.

The equipment should be prepared as follows:

A2uploader download here

G502_R1FA037_FS_HUTCH-WORLD_RED52 download here

G502_R1FA037_MAIN_HUTCHISON_EM_RED52 download here

R1A_G502_CDF_1208_8745_FS_Customized_ID downlod here

First, extract a2uploader, but disable anti-virus at first, some anti-virus detects a2uploader as a virus, then extract G502_R1FA037_FS_HUTCH - WORLD_RED52 and G502_R1FA037_MAIN_HUTCHISON_EM_RED52, save in the same folder. Last, extract R1A_G502_CDF_1208_8745_FS_Customized_ID to tpa/preset/custom.

Before performing the upgrade, back up your phone contacts with MyPhoneExplorer or just backing up the memory card, because this upgrade process will change all your phone settings to default settings. At the time of the upgrade process should be in a state cell phone off and battery condition at least 50%, USIM card and memory card may be revoked (or not, it's no problem). Let's start...

Open a2uploader and click "add" and enter the (.rar)file that has been extracted G502_R1FA037_FS_HUTCH-WORLD_RED52 and G502_R1FA037_FS_HUTCH-G502_R1FA037_MAIN_HUTCHISON_EM_RED52 by "drag and drop" and then click the flash, press and hold down the 2 or 5 or a combination of both 2 and 5 on the phone, then connect the phone to a computer with data cable that had been prepared (phone must be in the off state), once appeared the words "will flash xxx block" in the left column a2uploader programs, emphasis should key off and wait for the flash process approximately 15-30 minutes, after appear the words "ssw file accepted elapsed: xx secs and writing Ready" indicates flashing process has finished, remove the data cable from your mobile phone but do not be turned on first. Click on "File System Tools" (right column), connect the phone to the computer with data cable, press and hold down the 2 or 5 or a combination of both 2 and 5 on the phone until appeared the words "Ready" and then open "tpa / preset / custom " and enter R1A_G502_CDF_1208_8745_FS_Customized_ID files that have been previously extracted. After the process is complete click "FS SHUTDOWN MANAGER" then pull the data cable from your mobile phone and turn on the mobile phone and wait for a while because the phone is doing a new setting.

Now you have the latest firmware for your G502 phone.